Adrienne Geoghegan’s two courses: Illustration Boot Camp and Picture Book Camp re-starts on illustration Tuesday 2nd Oct and picture books Weds 3rd Oct. 6.30 – 9pm. 24 weeks, plus exhibition in May 2013. fees €810
PLUS two new saturday courses:
1. ‘Print and Book Making’ starts 29th Sept 2-4.30pm with Debora Ando and Niamh Jackman. Niamh with her art book making expertise and Debora with her print press. Both ladies will take you through the ropes and you can exhibit your work in January 2013! fees €410
2. ‘Alternative Photography’ starts 20th October 10.30-1pm with Mark Neiland. Mark will lead you into the light with pinhole photography, cyanotypes, polaroid transfers and more. Plus an exhibition of your work in January 2013.fees €410
Enrollment has begun on all courses

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