Courses now longer…why?

Some Extra Information on Courses
Longer courses, and what this means:
The course has increased from 24 weeks (€820) to an academic year – 30 weeks (€1,100) for the first time. This is for a few reasons:
I wanted to give students more time for exhibition preparation, which can be a very busy time with lots of things to remember
More location drawing trips
Extra classes in Photoshop and Print Making with Mark Neiland (Photo Shop) and Debora Ando (Print Making)
Classes to purely experiment with materials, get messy and have fun, with out the stress of getting projects finished.
So the real increase is €75, or approx 7% and it is the first increase in 5 years. I have had do this in order to pay tutors to teach the extra subjects that I am not an expert in!
I teach mostly non-digital methods: painting, most water based media, collage, mixed media depending on each student’s individual needs. Mark does Photoshop classes, and Debora, printmaking. Some student’s prefer to work digitally with some of their projects, especially if they have an interest or proficiency for it. Personally I like to get my hands dirty and enjoy the tactile experience of mixed media. However there is some amazing digital work out there, and we all need to find our place and style. I teach all levels, but the courses hardly ever attract complete beginners in the area of visual art: for example, a person with honours in Leaving Cert art is not a complete beginner.
That said, 60-70% of my past students have visual art degrees in different disciplines eg. fine art or graphic design, others are talented hobbyists, and habitual evening class goers. All are welcome.
As with most art courses, I do not supply materials, but I have added a suggested materials list below. I encourage students to buy the basics initially and build it up over time and within their budgets.

Exhibitions: This year we had a very successful show at Filmbase. I have already earmarked it for a 5th June opening night running for 5 days in 2014. We chose this gallery because of its central location. The breakdown of costs would be approx €30 for gallery hire, the poster for the show printing, and wine. Frames can be bought either in IKEA or I have a good framer, we usually go with plain white frames with white mounts. The gallery/poster money will be collected in May 2014.
I try to give students the relevant knowledge to build up contacts through my own personal experience and the experience of current Illustrators Ireland members in many ways: knowledge of agents, publishing, designing personal mail outs, info on Offset ans student rates, relevant contact directories, and entering illustration competitions that I am privy to through my contact in CBI (Children’s Books Ireland) and II (Illustrators Ireland).
‘Suggested’ Materials List

Pencils 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B.
Black fine liner pens, 001,01,1,2 (start with one)
Pencil sharpener
Sketchpad minimum A3 (up to A2) heavy cartridge paper for projects
Notebook for taking any written notes
Small sketchbook – for doodles and brainstorming (A4 or smaller)
Colour medium of your choice to get started
Collage materials: paper, old magazines, old books for cutting up etc.
PVA white glue, sissors, etc.
Optional, or later on once you have decided what medium you like, or wish to experiment with or invest in:
Coloured pencils (good artist’s quality)
Assortment of artist quality paintbrushes suitable for acrylic and water media.
Acrylic paints: Professional quality are not cheap but worth it. Golden paints: fluid or open acrylics, or Liquitex: soft body (few main colours to start) but if you have already got student ones, start with them and see if you like this medium.
Watercolour (artist quality) pan or tubes, or student quality if you want to see how you get on with this medium first before investing.
Golden paints and other materials available at Evans Art Supplies, off Caple St., Dublin 1.
Other paints and art materials: online art supply company based in Terenure. Other places: Reads of Nassau St (cheap) Easons, Kennedys, and O’Sullivans Graphics all in Dublin City.
Any other bits n bobs you fancy….
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.


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