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Artist’s Statement

I love ‘old stuff’; it has a history that could be anything I dream it to be. At the heart of my activity is the appeal of recycling found objects, particularly paper ephemera and old books.  I wait for them to inspire new insights. They could be there for a week, a month, a year. I ‘sculpt’ my stories. I paint, I draw, I build, I construct, I assemble.

In creating children’s books, I create a world of humour and tenderness, through my words and through my art. This is such a privilege to be asked to do.What I find so alluring about using a mixed media palette are the infinite possibilities for expression. I build up physical layers, representing fragments of truths. I compose three dimensional commentaries on human nature by examining stereotypes, gender roles, quotes, rules and clichés.

My own values and beliefs are often clarified during the process. Childhood, maps, dogs, humour and journeys are a theme I return to again and again. My drawings and objects are used in many ways: symbolically, suggestively, and decoratively. They invite a multitude of interpretations. I am a storyteller. As my work evolves, I crave to tell these stories. What bonds or connect us? Through my digging and unearthing I find more mystery. It is this mystery that keeps me rooting for more.