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Student Testimonials

Current Students 2014-2015

  • Adrienne’s course is packed full of relevant information for children’s picture book making and delivered at a cracking pace which really encourages you to get on with your project. I have found it hugely enjoyable, informative and inspiring. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in picture book making. The course is well organised and Adrienne is an excellent teacher who knows her subject.
    Liz Rackard, Artist / Art Therapist
  • This is a brilliant course! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills. I work full-time as a graphic designer but was longing to get away from the computer and start drawing and painting again – something I hadn’t done since Art College many years ago. Adrienne is a fantastic teacher; she has introduced us to a vast range of different materials and techniques. The weekly tasks force you to use your imagination and unleash your creativity to its full potential. You are gradually building up a collection of self-promotional illustrative work of a really high professional standard and the end of year exhibition gives you a chance to showcase your work and network with potential clients and the Irish illustration/artist community. I honestly can’t believe how much my drawing skills have improved since I started this course and it has helped me create my own personal and unique style. I’m absolutely chuffed!
    Michelle Hedberg, Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • At The Illustration Boot Camp Adrienne creates an environment that encourages us to be both creative and productive, and is really enjoyable. I find that the deadlines are a good discipline – without them I’d be just full of good intentions!  I always look forward to the class.
    Eithne O’Dea, Artist.
  • I have been working in the illustration and animation industry for years but have always dreamt of doing my own book. This course has been a really enjoyable and amazing experience. I have learnt so much from the course. I would highly recommend Adrienne’s illustration courses for people with experience or without.
    Una Woods, Illustrator
  • ‘Participating in Adrienne’s illustration course is a fantastic way of escaping a state of artistic un-productiveness. She assigns regular briefs to ensure you are constantly producing work and opens your mind to the possibilities of experimenting with a diverse range of media. I’d highly recommend this course for increasing your creative confidence and for a motivational kick!’
    Georgina Garrigan, Illustration Bootcamp 2014-2015

And past students:

  • Carmen Touhy “I found Adrienne’s Illustration Bootcamp invaluable for extending my reach into illustration. We were encouraged to experiment with materials and ideas and step out of our comfort zone. Strong class dynamic where students from different artistic disciplines got a chance to mix. Improved my confidence and knowledge of the industry. Very informative and enjoyable course!”
  • Sean Mackel “Adrienne is a natural communicator and facilitator. Her creative and conceptual expertise in the field of Children’s Picture Book Illustration and Writing is first class. She is both generous and enthusiastic in the dissemination of her knowledge and guidance. I was strongly recommend Adrienne to all those budding creatives out there bursting to develop mature work in the field of Children’s Picture Books.”
  • Kevin Bohan. I never studied Illustration in any depth before and found the boot-camp to be just what I needed. Great projects, great artists, great interactivity and great fun! If you need to re-ignite your creative spark, introduce yourself to illustration or just want to draw I definitely recommend Adrienne’s camp. I hope to attend the Children’s Book course as soon as I get a chance.Thanks to the boot-camp a number of Adrienne’s students kept in contact and set up a blog to keep our illustration projects going – check it! Http://blindelephantillustrationcollective.blogspot.com/
  • Paula McGloin. The boot camp gave me a chance to develop my style but also experiment with new styles and ideas. The project briefs challenge you to develop your ideas beyond your comfort zone. It was fantastic to meet and interact with the other students who share your interest in illustration. I found that since the course I have a new outlook to producing illustrations and that the play and experimentation I practiced during the course has continued in my new work.
  • Jennifer Farley “Adrienne is a wonderful teacher. I found her to be very interested and enthusiastic with tons of real-world experience which she shared with the class. I would highly recommend attending any of Adrienne’s illustration courses.”
  • Jessica Tobin. I really enjoyed the boot camp, it provided a great opportunity to reignite and challenge my creativity. As a result of the course I have kept up illustration through a blog that several of the attendees are part of. It was great to see others approach to the brief & be inspired by other people’s styles. Also for me it was a lovely way to get back into doing my own work.
  • Tarsila Kruse. The Illustration Boot camp was brilliant! Exploring new mediums and adapting to different briefs was very interesting, so we could discover how our own styles met different objectives.Getting to know like-minded people was also great – Many times I couldn’t wait until class to see how the other students approached the brief for that week because sharing the work we produced was a way of drawing frequently and there was always something you could learn (and admire) from one another. It was great fun and overall a lovely experience!
  • Sheena Dempsey. I really enjoyed the boot camp, it was a brilliant way to start honing my drawing style for an illustration audience rather than a fine art one, the briefs were exciting, fun and interesting and we got lots of handouts on practical information like pointers for picture books and editorial illustration as well as lists of illustrators to research. It was also good to get the feedback of the group. Since doing the boot camp I decided to go on and do a MA in illustration which I’m really enjoying.
  • Killian Dunne. I found the course a great experience which provided me with a series of challenging and diverse illustration briefs. It was also a great place to meet like minded people that I could swap ideas with. www.killiandunne.ie
  • Caitriona Sweeney. I was lucky to get a place on Adrienne’s Illustrating for Children’s Books course in Winter 2008. It was a real eye opener. Adrienne brought us through the whole process, step by step, of putting together an illustrated story for submission to publishers. From brainstorming ideas to character development (so nice naming your own character!), from storyboarding to assembling a dummy book. Endpapers were a revelation!
    It was wonderful to get such practical information from a professional with experience in the industry. I was encouraged to develop my own particular style and use my strengths (watercolour!).
    The experience  and knowledge I gained from the course enabled me to go on and illustrate a story, “A Friend like Simon”, for Irish publishers Special Stories. The thrill of seeing my illustrations actually published in a real book  made possible by doing this course. I’m still in touch with friends I met on the course and we continue to encourage each other in our art endeavors!
  • Ruth Mannion. “I joined the Illustration Boot Camp to gain an insight into illustration in its many forms. As well as having a personal interest in the subject, I felt that It would also benefit my work, as I teach full time art & design portfolio preparation. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I got a great deal out of Adrienne’s expertise and wealth of ideas, and indeed also out of the exchange of ideas amongst the class group.
    I would have continued with further courses, had I been living solely in Dublin.”
  • John Lee. “I’m currently enrolled on Adrienne’s “Picture Book Writing and Illustration” course. Adrienne has developed a solid framework for the course, with goals, exercises etc. set each week – sufficiently challenging and fun to ‘stretch’ without being ‘overwhelming’! That said, participants can – and do – come to the course with often different backgrounds/experience levels… perhaps in writing, illustration or graphics design, or having tinkered with art-as-a-hobby, or indeed with no-formal-experience-in-either-writing-or-illustrating (that was me!).   Adrienne has a wealth of very practical experience and skill, and offers guidance, insight and encouragement (the odd nudge when it’s needed) in just the right measures. Each student is free to choose (or indeed, invent) the medium for their main project, and Adrienne somehow manages to keep in the loop in terms where each individual is at, and where they need to ‘get to next’. And it’s done with a deceptively light touch that inspires confidence every time. In my book (sorry!), it’s a really worthwhile course for anyone looking to see how they might bring the germ of an idea beyond some early doodles/scratchings and produce something they could, if they wish, submit to a publisher for consideration… And all that with the practical and moral support to help you get there!
  • Nicola Chestnutt. “The main things that stand out for me and which I value in Adrienne as a tutor are her enthusiasm and creativity in relation to illustration and visual art in general. I have found her to be very open-minded, always encouraging new ways to try things, explore and experiment. She seems to have a constant stream of ideas. This is very encouraging and beneficial to me as a student.”
  • Alison Maccormaic. It was a big decision to enroll in Adrienne’s picture book course as I haveto make a lengthy bus journey from Galway to Dublin every Saturday. Now Saturdays are the favorite day of the week and I can’t wait for the two and half hours of drawing, writing, discussion and networking.  In the first half of the course we were given a comprehensive set of notes, designed week by week, to develop and improve our drawing, writing and confidence. Currently, at around half way through, we all have our own storieswritten and the process of designing and drawing our book begins. We all have our characters created and story lines developed – all that is left is getting down to bringing our books to life. I am enjoying every week with Adrienne and have a much deeper understanding of the book illustration process and the industry. If you have, like me, day- dreamed for years about writing your own picture book then this 24 week course with Adrienne could turn your plans into reality.
  • Alessandra Pollicini. “Although I haven’t had the pleasure of participating in Adrienne’s Illustration Boot Camp, I attended the Writing and Illustrating for Children’s Books Diploma she was previously running with Independent Colleges. The course wall well structured. It allowed budding and aspiring illustrators to hear first-hand from an established artist and illustrator, and also to receive practical guidance on the development of each student’s project. The group discussions were very valuable, as well as fun.  Adrienne has a creative mind, is very approachable and never hesitates to share her experience with her students, which is exactly what you want from a great tutor! This recommendation is truly deserved.
  • Emily Good “I attended Adrienne’s Illustration Bootcamp and found it to be a really worthwhile experience.There were great projects and handouts and loads of one-to-one advice and support.I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in illustration.”
  • Melissa Doran
    ‘The class gave me great structure to get my picture book made,’
  • Clodagh Conroy
    ‘Working on the Picture Book Boot Camp is both exciting and challenging. Story concepts and character development have been the most challenging aspects and I am excited to see all the finished books. All through the course Adrienne Geoghegan has provided excellent knowledge and support’.
  • Lorna Gordon
    ‘Adrienne’s breadth of knowledge and wide industry experience makes her Picture Book Boot Camp second to none. The exhibition sat Little Green Street Gallery is the icing on the creative cake at the end of an intense but fun six month course.’ Lorna Gordon